Monday, August 13, 2012

#021: Redemption


In this episode I talk about redemption, what it is and how it should impact us.  We have stories of redemption, both in and out of the church. Catch up with Mary Kay and me and hear about the changes I've made in my online security.

Here's what I have lined up for you this week:

[00:35] Introduction and Chatter - I share how Roc and Kim became such good friends with Mary Kay and me.  I tell the story of how Mary Kay and I had both a Catholic priest and a Protestant pastor officiate at our wedding.  Our 33rd anniversary is next week and we are celebrating with our friends, Roc and Kim.  Then I introduce the content on this week's podcast.

[13:10] Backups, Passwords, and Online Security - I talk about Mat Honan's story of hackers breaking into his online accounts and wiping his Macbook, iPhone and iPad.  I wrote about this last week.  In the podcast I talk a little more about what I've done since and the challenge of changing everything online.

[33:00] Garbage Redemption - Tara Woodard-Lehman, a Presbyterian chaplain at Princeton University, writes about her secret love of garbage, and how her father taught her to restore that which was lost and disposable.  She and her students have created a mosaic filled with broken pieces.

[38:24] Love and Redemption - David Brooks, a columnist for the NY Times, received an amazing essay from an 80-year old man, redeemed by the unconditional love of his wife.  Fifty-five years into their marriage, she developed Alzheimers and he writes about taking care of her.

[50:17] Redeemer Kinsman - Pastor Jon Miller writes about the Redeemed over at  He also takes his Bible references from Ruth 2 and gives us a very good explanation of the connection of redeemer between Boaz and Christ.

[1:04:45] CR Sermon: "Sealed With A Sandal" - This is the replay of Sunday evening's sermon at Church Requel.  Listen as I talk about loyalty, love and redemption.

[1:31:32] Wrap Up - I review what happened at Church Requel Sunday evening and wrap up the podcast.  There will be no podcast next week.  We'll return on Monday, August 27th, with Episode #22.

Music for this week's podcast is "Redeemed," by Big Daddy Weave, from their album, Love Come To Life.

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