Sunday, May 27, 2012

11: Holding On To The Eternal Ticket

Happy Memorial Day!  Monday podcasts are always special here at Church Requel.  Here's what's included on this holiday edition of the Church Requel Podcast:

[8:45] Zach Lystedt is headstrong, according to The Daily.  Listen to the story of this brave young man who suffered a dibilitating concussion while playing football.  He has turned his personal tragedy into a benefit for thousands of others.

[13:36] Why Facebook'sIPO fizzled.  If you can get your hands on a hot new stock, you probably don't want it.

[18:12] Excerpt Interview of Mark by Len Edgerly from The Kindle Chronicles 198.

[22:04] The YouVersion Blog released big news about The Bible App!

[27:06] Check out the Instacast app - only if you love podcasts AND have an IOS device.

[31:06] 1 Star Ratings - Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin talk about 1 Star Ratings in their Build and Analyze Podcast 77.  Mark talks about his Christian lesson learned from Amazon when he thinks about giving a 1 star rating.

[48:00] The Right To Be Here - Pastor Mike Erre and Ken Coleman have a conversation on the Catalyst Podcast Episode 179 about Mike's son, Seth, who has Down Syndrome.  Mark follows up with his own story about Austen.

[59:38] Listen to the final sermon in The God Life series - "Holding On To The Eternal Ticket."

Music for this week's podcast is from Chicago: "I'm A Man," available on the Chicago Transit Authority Album (Remastered) - original from 1969.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Productive and Effective Christ Follower

This week's Church Requel podcast is loaded with great listening content for you. 
  • K-Mart Christmas in May - Rankin Paynter demonstrates Christ-like behavior when he buys out $200,000 of a local K-Mart store (3:16)
  • Facebook Accountability - The initial public offering took place last Friday.  Two weeks ago I made my predictions public on this podcast.  Let's check in and see how well those prognastications turned out. (9:09)
  • Last Tuesday my friend Len Edgerly, the voice behind the popular The Kindle Chronicles podcast stopped in Mansfield for a visit with me.  We both came armed with microphones.  I talked to Len about the labor of love involved each week in producing TKC. (15:37)
  • Mad Men and Christianity - what does the wildly popular AMC television show have to do with Christianity, you ask?  This past Saturday the Mansfield News Journal published my Viewpoint article in which I answer this question.  My daughter Jillian reads this piece for you. (35:51)
  • Rotten Banana Christianity - listen to the funny responses of the kids at Church Requel last night when they were offered rotten bananas during the Children's sermon. (44:35)
  • Church Requel Sunday night sermon: "The Effective and Productive Christ Follower." (53:30) We learn the what, 2 whys and the how of becoming a fruitful servant for Christ.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Influential MOMs

During this Mother's Day podcast, Mark talks about (1) Ivy League Janitor, (2) Same Sex Marriage and the Pulpit, (3) House Church, (4) Re-using Used Sermons, (5) Moms who Model, Observe, and Motivate.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Love Is More Than A Feeling

In this week's Church Requel podcast Mark talks about

  1. churches being sensitive to single people.  Less than half of the U.S. Population is married now.  How should that change the way we lead our churches? 
  2. The Wildcat roller coaster is closing at Cedar Point. It started running in 1970, the same year Mark and his brother, Todd, went to Cedar Point for the first time. 
  3. What's really the difference between leadership and fellowship?  Mark considers that maybe the two are not as different as some people think. 
  4. Facebook's Initial Public Offering is less than two weeks away.  Will it be a good investment?  Mark puts his investment cap back on and looks at the numbers.  
  5. Cutting Room Floor segment - what do you do when you have a topic that could contain so much material... say, "The Good Samaritan" parable?
  6. Church Requel's Sermon from May 6th: "Love Is More Than A Feeling." We consider six lessons we learn about loving other people from The Good Samaritan story. 
  7. Mark's wrap-up after church Sunday evening.