Monday, February 24, 2014

#97: Seven Laws of Financial Freedom


From Jesus most famous Parable of the Talents we learn God's 7 laws of financial freedom. Join me as I teach from Matthew 25.

The music for this week's podcast is "Can't Buy Me Love" by The Beatles.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

#096: Four Ways To Be Sent


Our fifth calling in life is to be sent to share the good news of Christ and what He has done for us. Pastor Steve Thoman teaches this final Purpose Driven Life sermon at Church Requel and shares 4 ways we can be sent out.

This special podcast includes a rare intro by Mary Kay Pierce, wife of Pastor Mark Pierce. Enjoy!

Music on this week's podcast includes "Good News" by Chris Rice.

Monday, February 10, 2014

#095: Four Benefits of Serving Others


God calls us to bless one another. How? By serving them using the gifts and talents that God has given to us. We talk about 4 benefits we receive when we serve others unselfishly.

Also in this podcast I review Brandon Cox's new book, Rewired: How Using Today's Technology Can Bring You Back to Deeper Relationships, Real Conversations, and the Age-Old Methods of Sharing God's Love. 

I mention DJ Chuang's podcast, the Social Media Church Podcast. Good listening!

Music for this week's CR podcast is "Do Something" by Matthew West.

Monday, February 3, 2014

#094: 8 Ways To Grow In Christian Faith


I had way too much fun recording this podcast this morning. We talk a little Super Bowl trash talk  with Seattle powerful dominance over the Denver Broncos. I even talk about the commercials and thumbs up and down for Fox's coverage of the game. We review some other fun weekend stuff, celebrating Roc's 56th birthday (pictured above.) We had an awesome day at Church Requel yesterday morning too and I talk about that.

Here are links to the 3 commercials I talk about:
Yesterday's talk at Church Requel was all about spiritual growth. Christ-followers are called to become like God’s Son - Jesus Christ. I encouraged his congregation with 8 ways to grow in our Christian faith.

Music for this week's podcast included "Seattle" by Perry Como and "Live Like That" by Sidewalk Prophets.