Sunday, May 27, 2012

11: Holding On To The Eternal Ticket

Happy Memorial Day!  Monday podcasts are always special here at Church Requel.  Here's what's included on this holiday edition of the Church Requel Podcast:

[8:45] Zach Lystedt is headstrong, according to The Daily.  Listen to the story of this brave young man who suffered a dibilitating concussion while playing football.  He has turned his personal tragedy into a benefit for thousands of others.

[13:36] Why Facebook'sIPO fizzled.  If you can get your hands on a hot new stock, you probably don't want it.

[18:12] Excerpt Interview of Mark by Len Edgerly from The Kindle Chronicles 198.

[22:04] The YouVersion Blog released big news about The Bible App!

[27:06] Check out the Instacast app - only if you love podcasts AND have an IOS device.

[31:06] 1 Star Ratings - Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin talk about 1 Star Ratings in their Build and Analyze Podcast 77.  Mark talks about his Christian lesson learned from Amazon when he thinks about giving a 1 star rating.

[48:00] The Right To Be Here - Pastor Mike Erre and Ken Coleman have a conversation on the Catalyst Podcast Episode 179 about Mike's son, Seth, who has Down Syndrome.  Mark follows up with his own story about Austen.

[59:38] Listen to the final sermon in The God Life series - "Holding On To The Eternal Ticket."

Music for this week's podcast is from Chicago: "I'm A Man," available on the Chicago Transit Authority Album (Remastered) - original from 1969.

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