Sunday, September 2, 2012

#023: Labor Day Special


Happy Labor Day! Welcome to this special holiday Labor Day Special edition of the Church Requel Audio Podcast! I've got a surprise for you at the beginning of the podcast. HINT: best played first thing Monday morning. Ha!  After we have some chit chat time together, here's what we'll be talking about this week:

[12:49] Labor Day Inspiration - How do we worship God with our labor? What positive influences for Christ might we have with those fellow employees we work with? Or negatively, how might we be turning people away from Christianity by the way we work? I share some excellent insights by Melvin Newland from his 1991 sermon.

[39:11] Chief End of Man - This week we begin a new feature of the Church Requel Audio Podcast. Each week we will spend a few minutes talking about our Christian doctrine spelled out in the Westminster Confession of Faith.  We'll be using this excellent book by G. I. Williamson, in case you would like to buy yourself a copy to follow along.

[50:00] CR Sermon: Overcoming Giants, Part 2 - Here is the conclusion of my 2-part sermon on how we overcome giant problems in our lives.  The sermon is based on the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17.  You can follow the YouVersion sermon notes here.

[1:28:00] Wrap Up - Listen to my quick recap of our evening together at Church Requel.
Music for this week's CR podcast is "9 to 5 - The Musical (Original Cast Recording)" by Allison Janney, Megan Hilty, Charlie Pollock, Stephanie J. Block and Ensemble.

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